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We are a family owned and operated company that is passionate about providing delicious, nutritious daily gummy vitamins that your kids will love taking every day. We know how fast little ones grow and how important it is for them to build and maintain strong bodies that will carry them throughout life.

Our gummy vitamin recipe has been carefully thought out with kids and their preferences in mind. One of our main goals is to ensure that all kids who try our gummies like them and ask for them every day! They're packed with all of the yummy and none of the sugar.

With our pectin formula, our gummies are not soft or overly chewy—making them both enjoyable to eat and far less likely to melt together. What's more, our formula is gelatin-free, kosher and non-gmo. Your little ones will be getting all of the nutrients they need without any of the filler products that other gummy vitamins have.

We pride ourselves on our sugar-free, allergen-free formula and have done extensive testing to make sure it is safe for all kids who try it—not to mention that it actually tastes good! By using pectin instead of gelatin, we have a leg up on other gummy daily vitamins for kids on the market and we are proud of the formula we have developed.

The health and safety of your little ones is vitally important and we never take that for granted. Those of us who work here at Gummymore know the amount of decisions that go into maintaining that health and safety. We have a passion for helping parents find the right products for their children that will only enhance their health. We also have a passion for producing a product that kids love! Through our extensive research and testing, we know that we have fulfilled both of those passions.

Thanks again for visiting us here at Gummymore ! Our team loves helping parents learn about the benefits of Gummymore products and are always available to answer any questions you may have. We are a team of experts who is proud of the products we provide and we can’t wait to help you purchase products that are good for your kids and they’ll love!

Becket, Stacy and Ian
Founders of Gummymore
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